Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just as Pretty as Gretchen's

I know I don't post nearly enough, but here is a picture of my lilies of the valley picked just today from my back yard:

They smell even prettier than they look! I wasn't sure if any would bloom this year, because there are an awful lot of weeds growing in the patch, including a viney sort of flower that is choking the life from almost everything else in there. I only have half the patch of lilies I used to, but today I realized that they had spread to the other side of my back door, by my irises (which haven't bloomed yet). I even had enough to pick another bunch to put down by the pc so I can appreciate them from down here : )

Eat your heart out Gretchen!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Ok then

Well, I was really hoping that somebody would comment on my last post, but oh, well. It really makes me wonder who may or may not be reading this....

So, I am still trying to get my Christmas pics organized, but here are two to whet your appetite:


and After!

Hopefully there will be more to come!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Until I get my pictures off my camera...

Just wanted to put in a little post about Twilight, since I want to wait until I get my pics to post about Christmas. I know the books were written for the teen audience, and the movie is basically made for them too, but I read the series last summer, and I was pretty excited to see the movie in Nov. I ended up seeing it 4 times, so I guess you can say I liked it! I went with my friend MaryBeth on the Sun after it came out, with my teen friend Becca on Tues, and my friend Michelle and her sister on Wed. Then after Thanksgiving, when we went to Springfield, I saw it with my friend Lori and her, um, cousin? niece? (sorry!) and her boyfriend. Each time I went, I saw something different. The first time, I just appreciated that the movie was true to the book; the second time I was more critical of the acting; the third time I listened more to the soundtrack (very good, btw!); and the 4th time I tried to watch it from my friend's point of view, that is, not having read the book first. I would see it again, if someone wants to go with me! lol So here's my review:

I wasn't too impressed with the actors they chose for certain roles, but overall I thought the movie stayed true to the book as much as a movie can. I know there were a lot of people who were disappointed in it, but I think their expectations were too high; a movie can never follow a book exactly. Personally, I don't find Robert Pattison all that good-looking, especially with that weird hair. I didn't like the actress playing Bella; while her appearance fit my own mental images well, it didn't seem her personality came out as it should have. I thought her acting was pretty flat, and she just mumbled all her lines. As for the other actors, I liked them. Emmet was perfect, Rosalie worked for me, and I liked Alice - although I didn't find her fashion sense to be as keen as it should have been. I didn't really have any idea for Esme, so she was ok, and I loved Carlisle. As I was reading the book, I had a hard time remembering that he was so young, but the actor I thought was great. And *I* thought he was better looking than Edward! Jasper, now he's another story. The actor did as good a job as he could (Jasper seemed to have more of a role in the book) but all I could think of as I was watching was that he looked just like Samantha Brown from The Travel Channel. No one else I have mentioned this to has seen her, so I haven't had anyone agree with me, but that is what I was thinking. As for Charlie, I liked him, although he should have been a bit more protective (the scene just before the ball game where E wants to be officially introduced, and C is cleaning his gun in the kitchen - I loved that!). I also liked Jacob, I thought he was appropriately younger-looking than Bella, and a bit goofy. I am really looking forward to seeing how they show his tremendous growth spurt in the next movie. [An aside: one of my friends couldn't get over the fact that she never really pictured him as Native American while she was reading the book! I cannot see how she could have missed it, who did she think the Quiluete were, and why else would they live on a reservation??? I can't let her live that down! lol] Regarding Bella's friends at school, Jessica was absolutely perfect, Mike was ok, but I didn't ever picture Eric as Asian. That didn't bother me so much, but he was not geeky enough, just weird. OK, that's it for the actors.

There were some really great lines in the movie - I read the 1st book so long ago that I can't remember if they were original or added in the movie - for instance, "the one who looks like he's in pain, that's Jasper." I think you have to have read the other books really appreciate that one! One of my all time favorite scenes is where Bella is lost in Port Angeles and gets cornered by the group of bad guys, and Edward shows up in his car. The way he confronts them - just the look in his eye! - and then peels out as he drives away. It's awesome! There were a lot of people who didn't like the way Edward "sparkles"; I didn't really think it was so bad except it should have been brighter. Also, there were some times where it seemed like the sun was shining at school but he showed up anyway (wearing *sunglasses*????? should a vampire even own sunglasses?). One thing I definitely did not like was at the end of the baseball game, when James sniffs out Bella and everyone goes on the defensive. Why are they bobbing and weaving like a bunch of Weebles? I would definitely expect the vampires to go deathly still, not go up on their toes and bob. Otherwise the baseball game was fun :) My other favorite scene was where E decides he wants to try to kiss B. They do a great job of showing the tension, danger, and desire. Yum!

All that said, even now that I have read all 4 books and seen the movie, I am still on Team Jacob, for several reasons. The most important one for me is, he's warm! I am always cold, so cuddling up to a cold block of marble just doesn't appeal to me. Give me the human heat generator! Also, he's alive, and still human, and he doesn't have to hide from other people. He's still protective, strong, has awesome powers, and he cares for Bella just exactly in the way she needs, even though he wants more. Plus, there isn't even one tiny part of him that wants to eat her! lol

If anyone wants to add their 2 cents, I'd love to hear what you thought!